What we do and how we work

Services and Offers

We at the Center for Deep Tech Innovation support corporate innovation departments with decades of experience. Our Ph.D.-level experts help enable fast and effective innovation projects on a strategic and operational level. We offer consulting services, workshops and the entire technical implementation of innovation projects.

Innovation Radar

With Innovation Radar, one of our Ph.D.-level experts scouts the current innovation landscape for your company. Once a month, you will get a personalized deep dive into the current hot innovation topics, how they are relevant and how to implement them in your organization. Save hours of work and filter noise from value.

Innovation Soundboarding

Do you have innovation projects and want to ensure you walk in the right direction? Then our soundboarding package helps you. Twice a month, you walk one of our experts through your latest innovation developments. Our expert offers a fresh perspective, digs more profound for you and brings your attention to aspects you might have missed. Maximize the impact of your innovation projects with a second pair of eyes.

Innovation Sparring Partner

Do you need an expert to support your innovation projects on a daily basis? With our sparring partner, a deep tech expert can work up to 4 days a week with your team. Supplement your team with externals and make the most out of your projects.

Innovation Deep Dive

When you need to bring your whole team up to speed with deep tech, our deep dives are the best option. In intense workshops for 1-3 days, our experts educate, strategize and get you into deep tech. Knowledge of years brought to you condensed in a few days.

Innovation Roadmap

Innovation over innovation, but you cannot see the road in front of you? In our roadmap workshops, our experts work on your innovation strategy. We break down the current topics into manageable pieces and create a full innovation strategy - tailored to your needs.

Innovation Implementation

You want to start an innovation project, but you do not have the workforce to implement it? Then our innovation squads for hire might be an option for you. We have full teams of project managers, developers and deep tech experts that worked together for years and can get your projects done quickly. Faster time to insights with faster implementation - our innovation squad for hire makes it possible.