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Welcome to the Center for Deep Tech Innovation! We are a corporate innovation consultancy dedicated to helping organizations transform their innovation strategy and operations to unlock their full potential.


Knowledge from Years of Experience for You in Days

Our team of Ph.D.-level experts brings decades of experience in deep tech, allowing us to provide comprehensive services, including consulting packages, workshops, and innovation squads for hire. With our help, you can gain access to an expert team that understands the latest trends in technology innovation, creating solutions tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

We offer powerful solutions like Innovation Radar, which gives you a monthly personalized deep dive into the current hot topics; Innovation Soundboarding twice a month with one of our experts; Innovation Sparring Partners, who can support your projects on a daily basis; and Innovation Deep Dives where our experts condense years of knowledge into just a few days. Finally, we also provide an Innovation Roadmap workshop where we create a customized strategy tailored specifically to you.

At the Center for Deep Tech Innovation, we believe that true progress is not possible without understanding and embracing new technology concepts—and with our help your company can do just that!

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