Unlocking Deep Tech Potential with Ph.D.-level Expertise

We support corporate innovation departments with decades of experience. Our Ph.D.-level experts help enable fast and effective innovation projects on a strategic and operational level.

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Deep Tech Education, Expertise and Execution

Technical Consulting

Our deep tech experts can work up to 4 days a week with your team. Supplement your team with externals and make the most out of your projects.

Strategic advice

With our strategy workshops and consulting, we focus on the big picture. We break down high-level goals into an actionable Deep Tech roadmap - for maximum impact.

Full Project Execution

We have full teams of project managers, developers and deep tech experts that worked together for years and implement your projects.


Innovation brought to life

Welcome to the Center for Deep Tech Innovation! We are a corporate innovation consultancy dedicated to helping organizations transform their innovation strategy and operations to unlock their full potential.

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