Dr. Marcel Müller
April 6, 2021

IoT Management and Analytics

The Problem: Retrieving Insights from IoT Data

Our customer developed a platform of versatile IoT devices. These IoT devices can be attached to containers to track their temperature, to bikes to track their location, or to packages to detect if somebody lets them drop. Getting the data is one part. Deriving live insights and managing devices in the field is the other part and for our customer and unsolved challenge before we started with the project

The Solution: An Intelligence Layer on Top of IoT Data

In this project, the solution to the IoT platform is a flexible intelligence layer with presentation of insights, management of devices and integration to different systems.

Our contribution: Deep Tech for Cross-Company Collaboration

The JadenX team implemented an end-to-end solution for the Gravity project. This includes:

  • Consulting and requirements specification
  • System design
  • Setting up and authroization and authentication concept
  • Data integration
  • Integration of different external services
  • Creation of a web application
  • Live data analysis pipeline

Technology Used

Java (backend), AWS, React.js (web application), Auth0

The Impact: Actionable Insights

The project delivered software products that are used by major companies in the transport sector. Our product helps end-users to see all their devices, analyse data generated by them and derive actionable insights.

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